The Benefits of Working With Us

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!   We offer several benefits when we sign a listing agreement to represent you for filming rentals.

These include…


Ariel Penn, the owner of Film Location, has over 25 years of experience coordinating on location shoots with the major studios, production companies and photography agencies. She has signed off on over 10,000 projects during her tenure running the Film Offices in Pasadena (23+ years) and West Hollywood (2 years).  She has seen every production scenario and how it impacts owner’s properties.


Experience is the bridge to expertise. After approving over 10,000 film projects in her career,  Ariel has  successfully coordinated many logistical issue between local property owners and filmmakers. This will be an asset in arranging  filming on your property.

And by meeting the real estate licensing requirements, Ariel can help you with all your contract needs. She developed with her attorney and her brokerage custom contracts for filming rentals that address your needs as a property owner.

She also has the expertise to negotiate on your behalf with the production staff. And in California, the State of California requires that any person helping property owners with filming be a licensed real estate agent under the tutelage of brokerage.


Because of the benefit of experience and expertise, we can work expeditiously with you and the filmmakers to quickly schedule a film project on your property. 


Years of experience brings years of contacts at every level of the industry.  Your property will be featured on our website, and Ariel has access to a large personal network to ensure your property gets maximum exposure. 

Exclusive/ Non-Exclusive

Exclusive/ Non-Exclusive: You can choose to work with us exclusively or non-exclusively. If you work with us exclusively, you have the benefit of:

1. Consistent representation,

2. A partner who understands your needs and those of your surrounding neighbors,

3. A competent and experienced liaison to local government in case there are any issues relating to permits or other approvals. 

4. And a partner who has worked with and knows most of the location scouts/managers.

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