Film Location Rentals as the Ultimate
Lead Gen Tool for Real Estate Agents

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Los Angeles and New York are no longer the only cities for film production.  
TV shows, movies, commercials and more are being shot all over the U.S. and the world. 

To determine if your city would be a good place to pursue filming rentals, I would check the Association of Film Commissioners International Directory. If a specific geographic region or city has established a film commission, chances are good that you are based somewhere that has a  healthy amount of filming. 

Most governments or convention bureaus would not go to the expense of hiring staff and funding a film commission if there wasn't a decent level of production locally. And if there's a good amount of filming in your area, you just discovered an exciting niche for your real estate business.

Let’s Meet One on One via Zoom soon. Scroll Down for more information about partnering and scheduling.

 you feel my particular niche could help you grow your business, I'm happy to work with you and collaborate for your success by serving as your sponsor at the brokerage. 

When I was interviewing a number of brokerage to join, I found most were confused by my niche, not interested or concerned about working with a new type of transaction (be it filming rentals or cryptocurrency).

It wasn't until I met with the broker team at eXp Realty that I found a group of professionals who understood what I was doing and how I was handling contracts and mitigating any issues that could arise with film production. I knew I found a partnership of colleagues with a "can do" spirit. They assisted me with the launch of this unique niche and answered all my questions in a timely manner.

We got this filming location rental business off the ground so it could be shared with other interested agents wanting to explore something that could be exciting and fulfilling for their careers.


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'm open to working with established agents or teams who are looking to make a change and want to add unique value to their business. I'm also open to working with new agents with a lot of drive and passion who find this niche a great fit for their personality and goals. 

If you'd like to work with me, I can help you...

1. Successfully onboard at eXp and help you navigate the brokerage and its services during my weekly orientation or jump in one on one if you get stuck for any reason.

2. Access over 50 hours of live training weekly immediately (even before you join the brokerage) so you can start growing your skills ASAP as you onboard or check us out. I can arrange for a guest pass.

3. I'll  be doing ongoing training on how to do filming location rentals including contract reviews of the  listing agreements for filming, filming rental agreements between the production companies and your clients, services you can provide the clients, marketing including promoting your filming listings, pre-post inspections, how film sites are monitored, lead generation, scripts and how film production works. I even wrote into the filming rental listing agreement that the client agrees to allow you to serve as their listing agent if you find a willing buyer that they like if they suddenly decide to sell!

4. Providing a free marketing portal from my Film Location site to your filming rental site. I know most of the location scouts in the film industry, and they will use my portal to find any location they need including in your city. 

5. I'll also be available to answer any questions that could arise with the filming rentals or anything related to eXp on an ongoing basis. 

6. I can also refer you to my upline for any special challenges which is only one level from Glenn Sanford, the CEO of eXp and is Brad Andersohn, the former head of eXp University and a tech pioneer and the fifth employee hired at eXp Realty.

7. Meeting as community weekly for special trainings and discussions as well as connecting with some invited guests from the film  industry from time to time for an insider's perspective. 

8. Promoting your real estate business with a video interview with Ariel on her site: Escape LA to Fabulous. Last year, 171,000 people moved out of L.A. and this site promotes the benefits of the good life in another town or place.

9. Providing all of these benefits to your sponsees.  If you bring a sponsee to eXp, they are automatically welcomed to participate and benefit from this community by attending our Zoom group meetings and learning the filming rentals during my trainings if this interests them.

If you'd like to schedule a one on one with me, I just ask that you take a look at the content below and review each item BEFORE you schedule a Zoom with me. It covers a lot of good information about the brokerage that you need to know. If I find that you are unfamiliar with the material, I will ask to reschedule.  Our time should be spent brainstorming how to grow you business, not answering basic questions that are easily covered here.

Please Review This Info Before Our Meeting

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